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The normal operation of the equipment is the guarantee of production. Our repair service provides a comprehensive guarantee for your equipment’s normal operation, and provides you with strong technical support for equipment management.

We always focus on customer satisfaction, quickly response and act immediately to provide technical services for more than 2,000 medium and large sized enterprises in China. The country’s largest automated equipment maintenance center is escorted to your equipment normally.

Product Groups

  • AC and DC servo drives, servo power modules, frequency converters, amplifiers, positioning modules, tightening wrench drive modules, servo motors, etc.
  • Various types of controller boards, PLC, NCU, I/O boards, communication boards, system control panels and other circuit boards in the numerical control system (CNC).
  • Operation panel, programmer, encoder, grating, optical ruler, industrial display (CRT, LCD, plasma), system control panel, industrial switching power supply, etc.
  • Intelligent instrument, intelligent welding machine, high frequency, intermediate frequency control system.
  • Control systems on printing equipment, food machinery and textile machinery.
  • All kinds of elevators, central air conditioners, tap water, power system control panels.
  • Spectral analyzer (ARL, PANalytical, Oxford, Rigaku, Shimadzu) internal control panel, high pressure fuel tank, X-ray high voltage generator.


Rail Transport
New Energy
Diesel Engine
Iron & Steel
Beverage Canning
Special Equipment

Service Advantages


Chip level repair

Minimise the change to equipment to ensure that the equipment is stable and running safely


Use advanced online maintenance test instruments

Perform functional tests on IC chips and comparative tests of V/i curve

Storage burning of programmable devices


Complete maintenance data drawings and component material libraries

Rich maintenance experience accumulated over the past 10 years

Enjoy professional components source channels


Complete machine test platform

Guarantee a one -time restoration rate of more than 95%


Upstream brand supplier spare parts procurement, equipment guarantee, technical cooperation

Industry customers have obvious advantages and technical resources sharing